Journey through the American landscape with Richard Olsenius. His music and imagery come together in a visual narrative that goes beyond  images on a page. These are meditations on the value of preserving our wild places. 

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Experience a musical and photographic adventure across the American landscape. Travel along the Alaskan and Canadian Inside Passage, journey through the Midwest in Search of Lake Wobegon, glide down the dark Amazon beyond your familiar edge. Sail the Chesapeake, explore Puget Sound.

Richard Olsenius takes you on an odyssey from the Arctic to the deep reaches of the Amazon River through original music, photography and video that spans over 40 years and includes much of his work from National Geographic Magazine. Richard Olsenius has been shooting film and video and composing music inspired by the American Landscape since 1975. His landscape photography and documentary work has been published in newspapers, magazines and international organizations around the world. His assignments span from the Arctic to South America, and from Europe to SE Asia. But the heart of his work features the people and places of the American Landscape.

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Landscape Photography, Video & Music by Richard Olsenius

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Our landscape shapes who we are and how we live.  Land defines us on our journey through life. South of Tucson, the mountains and desert define the architecture of the homes and the habitat that surround them. The Southwest easily contains larger-then-life icons whether they are the mountains called “Sky Islands,” or a lonely artifact of somebody’s dream.

Photos ©2019 by Richard Olsenius

Photo ©2018 by Richard Olsenius

Grand Teton National Park


Journey to the American West with Richard Olsenius, composer and National Geographic photographer. Richard Olsenius, American Landscape photography. Also journeys to the Chesapeake Bay, Inside Passage and Northwest Passage

I remember some years ago saying that if I ever slowed down a bit, I’d love to do it in Arizona. South of Tucson there is a “sky island” called the Santa Rita Mountains. During the late summer monsoons moisture is drawn over these mountains creating storms and cloud formations that reach from the sky to the ground. I will never tire of this and will share these images from time to time.

Photos ©2019 by Richard Olsenius

American Landscape Photography. ©2018 Richard Olsenius. Adobe house in Green Valley Arizona. With seguaro and barrel cactus.

A Place



Last in Duluth Canal,

Winter 2020

Photos ©2020 by Richard Olsenius taken from Duluth Harbor Camera  Date 1/14/20

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©2018 photograph by Richard Olsenius. American Landscape Photography. Long Horn Grill, South of Tucson, Arizona. American Landscape Photography by Landscape photographer Richard Olsenius

Photos ©2019 by Richard Olsenius

©2019 photo by Richard Olsenius. American Landscape photography of micro-burst thunder storm along the Santa Rita Mountains in Arizona
©2019 photo by Richard Olsenius. American Landscape photo. of late setting sun breaking through storm cloud along the Santa Rita Mountains.
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Longhorn Grill, Amado, Arizona

©2019 Richard Olsenius. Storm clouds with lightning during Arizona Sunset

One does not often stand under a sky that has so much evolving at so many levels. This sunset and storm with lighting composition evokes a moment that feels other worldly and I might never see again. To have a camera in hand to capture forever is a gift. I’m not one to talk about the technical side of image making, but I have always disliked the trend to “ramping up” the saturation and contrast of photographs into an unreal color world.  I can say this image has little color adjustment applied and is an honest representation of a moment in time.

Photos ©2019 by Richard Olsenius

Photos ©2019 by Richard Olsenius

Last ship into Duluth Canal, winter 2020. Jame L. Oberstar ore carrier. ©2020 Richard Olsenius, courtesy of Duluth Maritime Webcam.
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