Fog along the hills of the Mississippi River near McGregor, Iowa. ©2015 Music and Video Richard Olsenius

Experience a musical and photographic adventure across the American landscape. Travel along the Alaskan and Canadian Inside Passage, journey through the Midwest in Search of Lake Wobegon, glide down the dark Amazon beyond your familiar edge. Sail the Chesapeake, explore Puget Sound.

Richard Olsenius takes you on an odyssey from the Arctic to the deep reaches of the Amazon River through original music, photography and video that spans over 40 years and includes much of his work from National Geographic Magazine. Richard Olsenius has been shooting film and video and composing music inspired by the American Landscape since 1975. His landscape photography and documentary work has been published in newspapers, magazines and international organizations around the world. His assignments span from the Arctic to South America, and from Europe to SE Asia. But the heart of his work features the people and places of the American Landscape.

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“Our landscape is one of the main characters in our lives. It shapes who we are and connects us to our past.”

Landscape Photography, Video & Music by Richard Olsenius

Photography by National Geographic photographer Richard OlseniusAlbums,_The_Black_%26_White_and_Color_Work_of_Richard_Olsenius.html
Arctic Ibook by Richard OlseniusDVD_Pieces/Pages/Arctic_Odyssey.html
©2013 Richard Olsenius, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
2013 Richard Olsenius, Inuit hunter In Northwest Passage.
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©2013 Richard Olsenius. Image of Minneapolis high school student
BLACK & WHITEWind_Ships_and_Storms/Pages/The_Sinking_of_the_Sheila_Yeates,_by_Richard_Olsenius.html
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Chesapeake Visions Video by Richard Olsenius


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the beauty and wilderness so essential to our lives.

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STREET MOMENTS —  Black &White

The Virginia Sailing Vessel on the Chesapeake Bay. Photo Copyright ©2015 Richard Olsenius


Dog Stories by Richard Olsenius
©2013 American Landscape Film Music by Richard Olsenius
©2015 Richard Olsenius, Winter's Wing, A winter bird and snow video
Geoff Pope rowing towards the Sheila Yeates, photography by Richard Olsenius
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CHESAPEAKE VISIONS VIDEOSolitudes/Pages/On_Winters_Wing_Music_Video_by_Richard_Olsenius.html
Tikal Ruins, Guatemala ©2015 Richard Olsenius
CHESAPEAKE VISIONS VIDEODVD_Pieces/Pages/Chesapeake_Visions.html