Experience a musical and photographic adventure across the American landscape. Travel along the Alaskan and Canadian Inside Passage, journey through the Midwest in Search of Lake Wobegon, glide down the dark Amazon beyond your familiar edge. Sail the Chesapeake, explore Puget Sound.

Richard Olsenius takes you on an odyssey from the Arctic to the deep reaches of the Amazon River through original music, photography and video that spans over 40 years and includes much of his work from National Geographic Magazine. Richard Olsenius has been shooting film and video and composing music inspired by the American Landscape since 1975. His landscape photography and documentary work has been published in newspapers, magazines and international organizations around the world. His assignments span from the Arctic to South America, and from Europe to SE Asia. But the heart of his work features the people and places of the American Landscape.

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Landscape Photography, Video & Music by Richard Olsenius

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Waiting for the snow

2013 Richard Olsenius, Inuit hunter In Northwest Passage.
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Photography by National Geographic photographer Richard Olsenius

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Richard Olsenius

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American Landscape photography and gallery

The morning air is cold and crisp; frost is on the camp gear and mist hovers over the river – snow is on the way. It is September in Yellowstone and a timeless ritual is playing out along the Madison River Valley. A Bull Elk is gathering his harem; his size is impressive. He carries his 6-point rack with regal bearing. But it is his bugle that capture’s your imagination and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It is one of nature’s never-to-be forgotten sounds. Following the fall rutting season in Yellowstone is an unforgettable experience. This art print is available here for sale.

Photograph from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia by ©2016 Richard Olsenius


“I stand here for the first time...

And find that my heart has been here all along

The first foggy light of dawn caresses the rocky coast and I thrill to the sweeping vistas...”

Christine Olsenius

Chesapeake Visions video by Richard Olsenius
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Bull Elk at Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. ©2016 Richard Olsenius

Richard Olsenius

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