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Experience a musical and photographic adventure across the American landscape. Travel along the Alaskan and Canadian Inside Passage, journey through the Midwest in Search of Lake Wobegon, glide down the dark Amazon beyond your familiar edge. Sail the Chesapeake, explore Puget Sound.

Richard Olsenius takes you on an odyssey from the Arctic to the deep reaches of the Amazon River through original music, photography and video that spans over 40 years and includes much of his work from National Geographic Magazine. Richard Olsenius has been shooting film and video and composing music inspired by the American Landscape since 1975. His landscape photography and documentary work has been published in newspapers, magazines and international organizations around the world. His assignments span from the Arctic to South America, and from Europe to SE Asia. But the heart of his work features the people and places of the American Landscape.

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“Our landscape is one of the main characters in our lives.

It shapes who we are and connects us to our past.”

Landscape Photography, Video & Music by Richard Olsenius

Tufted Titmouse, Annapolis, Maryland, ©2014 Richard Olsenius

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Arctic Ibook by Richard OlseniusDVD_Pieces/Pages/Arctic_Odyssey.html
©2013 Richard Olsenius, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
©2013 Richard Olsenius, Dog stories book.

Hanging On!

The snow fell again this late February and another early March storm is predicted here on the East Coast. But throughout North America this is turning out as the winter to be remembered. Since my roots are in Minnesota, I sh
On Winter's Wing Video ©2014 Richard Olsenius
ould be use to this, but even my friends in Minnesota are showing their impatience with what they call, “their longest winter.”  When the water pipes start bursting at 6’ or more in the ground in Minnesota, you know it’s cold. A dear friend in Missoula, Mt. called this morning and talked about the blizzard raging and how his son in California was worried about the 5” of rain that just fell.  In some sadistic sense I love it when nature flexes its muscle. But throughout all the displeasure one feels this winter, the creatures of our natural world carry on in their silent routines, moving through the landscape looking for food.  They are truly the silent heroes of this winter world.

Richard Olsenius

2013 Richard Olsenius, Inuit hunter In Northwest Passage.
©2013 American Landscape Film Music by Richard Olsenius

This newly released album of my music on iTunes is inspired by two journeys in a small boat along the Inside Passage. This passage, nearly 1200 miles long, begins among the low-slung islands of Puget Sound near Seattle and winds its way northward to Glacier Bay through seemingly endless channels and bays that are bordered by the majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It is truly one of the last wild places left on this North American landscape. 

As a photographer and composer, this adventure was not recorded with words but with a visual and musical vocabulary etched by water, wind, mountains and ice. Everyone's life needs at least one great journey, a journey that can fold back all the layers that obscure the meaning of our days.  I hope this musical journey along the Inside Passage will inspire your hopes and dreams for tomorrow. You can sample the music on iTunes by clicking on the label to the left.

Music Inspired by the American Landscapes - Film Music Volume 1

Midway along the vast Atlantic coastline lies a large estuary where freshwater from a hundred streams blends with saltwater from the ocean. It is called the Chesapeake Bay - an Algonquin term for “land along the big river.”  More Info >>>

©2013 Richard Olsenius. Image of Minneapolis high school student
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Black &
White work by Olsenius

Explore the American Landscape in Stills and Video

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Chesapeake Visions Video by Richard Olsenius
Chesapeake Visions Video by Richard Olsenius
Tufted Titmouse ©2014 by Richard Olsenius