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Books, Video and Art Prints by Richard Olsenius. All rights reserved and ©2011 Richard Olsenius

This video and book celebrates the oldest love story on earth; the deep and lasting relationship that exists between man and dog. Through personal stories and moving photographic imagery, National Geographic writer, photographer and editor, Richard Olsenius, explores how this relationship has changed the lives of people. Olsenius traces this story of companionship and co-dependence over the last 12,000 years to where this relationship now reaches into millions of homes around the world.  Personal vignettes from meetings with a wide assortment of dog owners blend with nearly 70 striking color photographs to comprise a memorable gift book for a wide general audience.

As we have moved from rural to urban lifestyles, our dogs have moved with us, with over 90 percent of them now serving as Companion Dogs living the good life in the city. Therapy dogs now walk the hallways of hospitals, calming patients, lowering blood pressure and providing unconditional affection. Pets are proven to prolong our lives. Once used for scientific experiments, their contributions to medical science are now benefiting them, as dogs face many of the same diseases faced by their owners and now receive advanced surgical therapies.  Olsenius also highlights stories about working dogs used on ranches and in airport security and Hunting dogs used for sport.

Assistance dogs are lifelines for thousands of disabled people and life-long companions, a relationship often stronger than most marriages! A young California woman in juvenile detention learns to train Assistance Dogs and by the end of the program, becomes rehabilitated herself through the close relationship with her trainee. Rescue dogs not only save lives in times of disaster, but they, in turn, have their own rescue line in the world-re-known Battersea Shelter in England. Battersea is the world’s largest orphanage, providing new homes to thousands of abandoned dogs each year. Dogs are a billion dollar industry, with their own bars, beauty salons and movie stars. The personal stories intertwined with these themes, together with the compelling photography and music, provide a handsome gift book with broad market appeal.

Video: Dog Stories (DVD) or  Blu-ray

Length : 35 min

Music only track : 35 Min

Produced in HD: Yes

Delivery : UPS Ground

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Dog Stories video by ©2011 Richard Olsenius
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Dog Stories DVD by ©2011 Richard Olsenius
Dog Stories video by Richard Olsenius
Dog Stories DVD by ©2011 Richard Olsenius


Dogs In Our LIves:

Sociologists suggest that we still crave a connection to the natural world and our dogs provide us this connection to something wild, something from our past.

Dog Stories DVD by ©2011 Richard Olsenius

Dogs That Work:

As soon as early man took the wolf inside the fire ring, there was an unspoken agreement. To stay with the family and be fed, the animal had to work.

Business of Dogs:

We love our dogs and in return they love us unconditionally. But this is at no small expense in time and money. Watch how we care for, show off, and spend money on our dogs.

Dog Stories DVD by ©2011 Richard Olsenius
Dog Stories DVD by ©2011 Richard Olsenius
Dog Stories DVD by ©2011 Richard Olsenius

Rescued Dogs:

Visit the famous Battersea Shelter in England. Battersea is the world’s largest dog orphanage, providing new homes to thousands of abandoned dogs each year.

Sonntag’s Big Adventure

Ed Mulrenin promises his long-time, faithful German Shepherd, Sonntag, that he will never leave his side

Video Chapters

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