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Books, Video and Art Prints by Richard Olsenius. All rights reserved and ©2011 Richard Olsenius

Take a spectacular journey from Seattle, Washington to Juneau, Alaska along the INSIDE PASSAGE of the Pacific Northwest. One of the last great wilderness areas.


Join photographer & composer Richard Olsenius on a 1000-mile adventure in a small boat. Explore the mysterious inlets and coves, see the majesty of the birds, eagles and whales. Discover what it means to find true quiet and solitude in this spectacular video and evocative original music score.


This DVD, originally photographed in HD video has been carefully crafted to show all the detail, color and majesty of the Inside Passage. The new flat-panel HD screens and surround-sound audio systems will bring out the best of this soon-to-be classic.

This video contains:

  1. 12 music chapters, 35 minutes in length.

  2. Full commentary by Richard Olsenius, 35 min.

• Gallery Presentation of still photography and music for the home theater.

Journey Along the

Inside Passage

Music and Video by Richard Olsenius

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North America Map by Richard Olsenius

Elfin Cove, Alaska

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“Journey Along the Inside Passage is not the typical travel DVD. Extraordinary video set to compelling music gives the viewer a unique look and feel of the voyage on the Inside Passage. Olsenius is a gifted videographer and composer. His great talents in these areas, plus his love of land and water, make this unique presentation a true treat for anyone, whether you've experienced the Inside Passage first-hand or not. The blend of video and music creates a compelling and restful presentation.”

Kent Kobersteen, former Director of Photography, National Geographic Magazine