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Cape Spear Photograph by ©2011 Richard Olsenius

Books, Video and Art Prints by Richard Olsenius. All rights reserved and ©2011 Richard Olsenius

Stand at the edge of Cape Spear and view the seascape and haunting beauty of Newfoundland’s rugged coastline. Travel to outports where small communities perch on wind-swept landscapes, weathered by storms and the march of time.

Explore the remote inland beauty of Labrador’s lakes and black spruce forests and travel to the ancient Torngut Mountains and iceberg-rimmed coast.

These adventures are only a small part of this visual and musical journey through Canada’s Place Apart.

This DVD has been carefully crafted to show all the detail, color and majesty of Newfoundland and Labrador. The new flat-panel HD screens and surround-sound audio systems will bring out the best of this video.

This video contains:

Musical-video feature 31 minutes in length.

Gallery Presentation of still photography and music for the home theater.


Newfoundland video and music ©2011 Richard Olsenius
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