The American West

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Photography by Richard Olsenius

“There’s something that happens to me when I cross the Missouri River heading west across the Dakotas. Is it the way baseball hats give way to Stetsons?  Is it the way the flat farmland yields to the slow rise to the Rocky’s Front Range? It’s like entering another space, less familiar, more imposing because of the immensity of the open space.  The people seem to have less need for pretense and seem comfortable in their own skin. Life here seems to be a bit harder and the sky a bit bluer and the land a whole lot wider.  That’s the way they like it.  I think I can actually breath deeper in the West. I know, these are all generalizations. But that’s what I like about being in the West; it’s about being in a land where the vistas will help you keep perspective on life.” Richard Olsenius

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