©2017 Richard Olsenius Images of Nova Sotia, Newfoundland and Geoff Pope

Water’s Edge by Richard Olsenius. All rights reserved and ©2011 Richard Olsenius

Much of my life has been spent on the water.  I grew up alongside a lake in St. Paul, Mn. I married and then lived by Lake Minnetonka west of Minneapolis and eventually had a home on a cliff overlooking the North Shore of Lake Superior. My wife, Chris and I, sailed for many years on Lake Superior, mostly out of Duluth and the Apostle Islands.  And then I was able to sail the Northwest Passage from Alaska to Greenland in a small sailboat.  Now, for almost 15 years, we’ve sailed the Chesapeake from our home in Annapolis.  I’ve also taken a small boat twice from Seattle to Juneau along the Inside Passage, and along the coast of Ireland and the Maritimes of Canada. And I forgot to mention the year Chris and I took our small boat from Florida to South America.  So you see, I have a great affinity for the water that covers this earth and it has shaped me in ways that I’m sure I’ll never understand. And of course, the new video about the Sheila Yeates says about as much as one can say in the relationship of men and the sea.      Music and video ©2011 Richard Olsenius

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New - In The Name of Our Daughters and Wives (the sinking of the Sheila Yeates.)